Inaturalist Fungi Projects – Liz Kabanoff

Fungi are often overlooked in biodiversity surveys though they play an important role in recycling nutrients, as food sources for invertebrates and mammals, in mycorrhizal partnerships, and as aids to germination (in the case of native orchids).

These projects aim to document the fungi observed in some Bushcare sites in Springwood and Glenbrook NSW. Coupled with already existing data on plant diversity, and observations of bird, mammal and insect species it will broaden our knowledge of the overall biodiversity and interactions between taxa.

So feel free to have a look at these inaturalist pages, and if you see any fungi while the bushcare group is working down there, take some pics and upload them. It’s a really easy site to use. I downloaded the free app on my phone and I upload pictures directly from my phone.

Fungi in the Blue Mountains

Else-Mitchell Park, Springwood

Shakespeare Drive Reserve, Winmalee

Birdwood Gully, Springwood

Glenbrook Lagoon Fungi

Glenbrook Lagoon Reserve area is bordered by the streets around the lagoon. Anyone who takes photos in that boundary and uploads them to inaturalist will have their record show up on that project